Meet Hannah!

Hello dear readers,

Hannah Pigeon

My name is Hannah, and I just wanted to take a second to tell you about what I hope to accomplish by volunteering with Art Sphere, Inc. I graduated with a BA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in May, 2015. I was a Visual Studies major, which allowed me to work with a wide range of artistic mediums. I have dabbled in painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and more.

During my final semester, I was a Development Intern at Second State Press. I was fortunate enough to work alongside their co-director, Jennifer McTague, to learn about grant writing, maintaining a studio space, and non-profit environments. Throughout my college career, I worked in the restaurant industry. I started out as a hostess, I helped manage an Italian Ice kiosk, and I became a supervisor at Capogiro Gelato Artisans. My job duties have included learning the ins and outs of products, training and scheduling employees, cash handling, and interacting with some excellent clientele.

I came to Art Sphere, Inc. with the hopes of furthering my development and managerial skills. I will be working alongside the very talented staff to draft grant proposals, find innovative ways to thank those who so generously contribute to the growth of Art Sphere, and help find the perfect position for volunteers looking to get involved with the company. In addition, I am hoping to use my own artistic background to contribute to the events and classes that Art Sphere hosts. I am particularly excited at the prospect of becoming involved with Art Sphere just in time to attend their Art and Food Fundraising Event!

I am looking forward to a busy year with Art Sphere, Inc., and I am excited to become a team member of such an inspiring organization.

All the best,

Hannah Pigeon

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