Meet Felecia!

Vounteer Felicia

I have been volunteering with Art Sphere, Inc. since June 2014. From June to August, I volunteered as a Teacher Assistant at Fishtown Recreational Center. I worked with children 6 to 9 years old, all very uniquely talented individuals. My experience was very enlightening! All of the children enjoyed working with their peers on team projects that allowed each student to create a piece of art and tell a story about it. Art Sphere recorded videos of some of the students and uploaded their work and stories onto the Art Sphere blog. It was neat to be a part of these projects!

I also had the opportunity to paint murals at the recreation center in Fishtown. Volunteering with Artshpere has taught me a greater appreciation for art as well as volunteering in my community. Taking a few hours out of my day, once a week, helps make a difference in young children’s lives and community. It will forever be inspirational. I look forward to seeing what other great things Art Sphere has in store for the many communities they contribute time, and resources too.

-Felecia Weaver

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