Combining Art and Meditation

Discovering the artistic spirit within through meditation: A section devoted to the ability of art to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Art Sphere Inc. teaches meditation thru art using yoga and meditation techniques and traditions including: consciously slowing the heart rate; controlled breathing; concentration projects like stringing beads; focusing on heart and Chakras; painting to relaxation music; and drawing after reflective periods. We can all expand our creative potential through relaxation. We gain insights into the spiritual dimension of the creative process using meditation. Art made to the sounds of nature or music helps participants get into a state of flow so that they can more fully unlock the artist within.  Art assignments look at symbols in art as representing universal truths.  The process of making art helps individuals to find their own reality and build a relationship to those specific truths.

What is Meditation: “Meditation is like going to the bottom of the sea, where everything is calm and tranquil. On the surface of the sea there may be a multitude of waves but the sea is not affected below. In its deepest depths the sea is all silence. When we start meditating, first we try to reach our own inner existence, our true existence – that is to say the bottom of the sea. Then when the waves come from the outside world, we are not affected. Fear, doubt, worry and all the earthly turmoils just wash away, because inside us is solid peace. Thoughts cannot touch us because our mind is all peace all silence all oneness. Like fish in the sea they jump and swim but leave no mark. When we are in our highest meditation, we feel that we are the sea and the animals in the sea cannot affect us. We feel that we are the sky and all the birds flying past cannot affect us. Our mind is the sky and our heart is the Infinite sea. This is meditation.”  – Sri Chinmoy from Wings of Joy

Projects include: 

  1. Interpretive painting after meditation.
  2. Target collages and goal setting dartboards.
  3. Circle of friends: draw the qualities of the people who enrich your life.
  4. What’s inside the circle—what do we want—and what is outside…
  5. Setting an intention: what we want. How can drawing be used as a tool to focus on things we want in our lives?
  6. Altar Sculpture Project.
  7. Treasure Box Sculpture Project.
  8. Beading Meditation Project.
  9. Intention and Affirmation Calligraphy Projects.
  10. Printmaking and Repetition.
  11. Wings of a Butterfly: How do our actions influence others?
  12. Global Awareness: Explore concentric circles.

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