Marshmallow Construction

Marshmallows can be a pretty versatile food, and we decided to take this into the classroom. The goal of our project this week was to construct the highest tower using only marshmellows and straws. The students split into groups of 2 or 3 and were allowed to use scissors to cut up the straws to work with their creativity. The winning group received giant marshmellows that we had left over, so it made the competition more exciting. The groups had a really fun time racing against their friends, trying to build the highest tower without it falling over.

This project really made the class use their critical thinking. It was interesting to see how some students were really able to grasp the best way to build and understood the engineering side to things. In the end, most of us were pretty sticky, as were the desks, but we all had a really fun time trying to figure out how to build with only 2 items. We are hoping to do more activities that will involve team work and hands on effort to include everyone.

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