Fishtown Hopping into Spring!

Project Title: Spring Bunnies

Description: Drawing

Grade Level: Preschool

Materials: Paper, pom poms, markers

Demo Directions:

  1. Cut out paper in the shapes of bunnies and hot glue the pom poms on for the children.
  2. Talk about spring and what kind of character they are going to make their bunnie.

Instructor Reflection:

At Fishtown that day, we decided to start the day with relaxation and meditation led by Mr. Olly. The kids gathered on the carpet while listening to soft music and listened very well to the instructions given to them. Closing their eyes and inhaling deeply we watched them calm down and just try and listen to what was going on around them. After meditating, Mr Olly had a new dance and song for the kids to learn, called the Tooty Ta! The song had a catchy jingle and funny dance moves to follow along to, they enjoyed it so much we played it one more time because they thought it was so funny.

After meditation and dancing we began out art class by finishing off our draw the alphabet! The kids learned the letters V to Z. And whoever was picked got to draw a picture of an object that began with the said letter. While one child would draw next to the letter I would proceed to ask the rest of the class what other words started with that letter. That’s when I realized excited they are to show off what they know. They would all gather around me hand raised eager to attempt finding a word they knew! When we finished off the alphabet, that’s when we started our project. We decided to make our very own spring bunnies, the kids got to draw eyes and mouth along with draw in the bunny. They were able to make the bunny whatever they wanted, many chose to make the bunny a superhero with a cape.