March 14; Fishtown Alphabet!

Project Title: Alphabet Objects!

Description: We gather as a group and go through parts of the alphabet while naming objects for each letter we do, then we draw whatever object we come up with for the letter.  

Grade Level: Preschool 

Materials: Paper, Crayons

Demo Directions:

  1. Gather the kids as a group and recite the alphabet.
  2. Pick a small section of the alphabet for the kids to go over and have them name objects for each letter!
  3. Pick one student to draw the object of choice next to the letter, While asking the rest of the class if they can think of another object that begins with the said letter.

Instructor Reflection:

This activity is very exciting for the kids and also a great way for them to learn the alphabet. In class we covered a few letters and had the kids gathered around on the carpet. They were very eager to show of how they knew their alphabet letters and could match objects to the letters! While one child would be picked to draw the objects that was said for the letter we would then ask the rest of the class if they could think of any other words that also begin with that letter. Even if they got it wrong the first time, it is awesome to see the kids try again and sound out each letter and word we go over!