Making your own frogs/meditation at Cohocksink

Last week we welcomed our new art teacher Nicha from Upenn to do more art with the children. We start the day with the preschoolers doing meditation. Most people were really into this activity and the teachers liked it because meditation help calm them down.

In contrast to meditation, Tooty Ta was a song that gets them moving. It was easily manys favorite song because they can act cute and funny while singing the lyrics. Here is one student really embraced the identity of Tooty Ta.

In the afternoon, we did similar activities with the afterschoolers. Some of them are only 5 years old but others are 10. Some of the older kids seemed to know meditation before and do it really seriously which was a surprise to me.

Then we talk to the students about the 5 kinds of animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians. We talked more about amphibians and the life cycle of the frog. Since it is warmer out, frogs are coming out of hibernation. We then hand out paper to the children and show them step by step how to fold an origami frog.

I would say that both meditation and origami was a huge success as students were really interested and focused while doing the activities.