Making Connections with Aquatic Life

We continued our nature art theme by learning about local fish. The younger students learned about the Brook Trout, a fish that is native to Pennsylvania. We talked about where fish live, their anatomy, what they feel like, and the types of colors and patterns they can have. After our discussion about fish, the class was then able to design and color their own. Wow, what a variety of patterns and colors! 

After the students were done coloring their fish, I stuffed the fish with paper, stapled the edges together and attached string to each of them.

During the anatomy lesson about fish we discussed what fish and humans have in common. We are both vertebrates. Students located their spine and their vertebrae stacked on top one another. One student even took the liberty to construct their fish’s spine. What a great moment to see a student take the initiative to expand on the project’s expectations!

Student who cut out and glued a spine for the inside of their fish.