17 Questions for Making a Lesson Plan and Our Format Explained

Questions to consider when creating and preparing to teach an art lesson plan:

  1. Why do I want students to experience this?
  2. Why do I think that this is worthwhile to teach?
  3. What will I accomplish through this lesson? (artistic and educational goals)
  4. How do these goals coincide with the local, state, and national standards for art education?
  5. Are the objectives for this project clear and appropriate for the age and creative development of students?
  6. Does this provide students with the chance to experiment and be creative?
  7. Will students realistically be able to complete the project in the time allotted?
  8. Are the necessary materials readily available?
  9. Are the materials appropriate for this age group?
  10. Are the techniques used in the lesson feasible for this age group?
  11. Does this lesson fit in logically with the other lessons I have planned?
  12. Can I create a historical background lesson based on the project?
  13. Will students be learning something? Or is this project meant to be simply decorative and/or fun?
  14. Does this relate to something the students are currently learning?
  15. Does this relate to something from the students’ backgrounds, cultures, or experiences?
  16. Will this engage and challenge students?
  17. Does the outcome of the lesson justify the time and cost? If not, how can it be changed?


Art Sphere Incorporated

Lesson Plan Format Explanation

Instructor: Your name

Title/ Description: Lesson title that briefly describes outcome of lesson

Level: Grade level

Duration: Length in number of class periods

Historical Overview: The background information of the project, a cultural lesson

Goals and Objectives: What is introduced to the students, what they will learn by completing the project, why it is being taught, what the student will be able to do at the end of the lesson, skills that will be developed

Vocabulary: A list of vocabulary words used in the lesson

Materials: What is needed for the lesson, including anything for the historical overview or anticipatory set and what each student will use to make the project


The steps for the project, broken down into the days necessary to complete it. The first step of day 1 will be the anticipatory set in which the historical background is taught and examples are shown or a demonstration of the project is done. This includes the steps students will follow to make the project and the assistance that the instructor will provide.

Day 1

  1. Anticipatory Set

Day 2

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