Make a Beehive!

your destination: (objectives)

  • Create a beehive with hexagons.

travel kit: (materials)

  • Glue, sharpie, hexagon tracer, oil pastels, two pieces of paper, scissors.

on the path

step 1

  • Do a tutorial on how to make a hexagon tracer.

step 2

  • Trace the hexagons on your paper with sharpie covering the whole page.

step 3

  • Color them all yellow, then go back and add black and brown to the edges to give more of a relative beehive look.

step 4

  • On a separate piece of paper make your bees. Cut them out and glue them to your beehive paper.

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Watch a video on how bees live and maintain their hive.

extend your journey

  • Talk to the students about how the bees effect the ecosystem, and how a beehive works.

learn new vocabulary

  • Hexagon.

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