Light vs Dark & Mardi Gras Celebration!

Today at Southwark, we redid the color wheel project from a couple weeks ago with the older class. We reviewed the basic color wheel again, and then we explained the addition of light and dark colors. They then colored in another color wheel, this time including light and dark. We also brought paint sticks and dark cutouts of “people shape.” On a blank piece of paper they used light colors to create a background with the paint sticks, and then they glued on their dark people to see the effect of contrast. They really enjoyed using the paint sticks, and they also learned a new art style that was fun.

With our younger class, we celebrated Mardi Gras by making handprint masks. The students traced both their hands on different colored paper and cut them out. They then glued the bottom of each hand together and cut out eyes. They finished by adding a popsicle stick to hold up their mask. These turned out really cool, and the students loved the idea of masks. I think this was a good project because they each had to create their own mask from scratch, rather than have a pre-cutout paper.