Let’s Talk Nature

Have you been feeling the need to become “one with the environment,” but the idea of vast acres intimidates you? If so, John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum may be the perfect place for you to begin your nature journey. John Heinz’s safe and user friendly trail is ideal for a small afternoon getaway and its closer than you think! As Art Sphere volunteers, we have found that spending time at John Heinz has a way of rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. It has also been known to get the creative juices flowing and can potentially inspire some really beautiful art work.


Art Sphere volunteers during retreat to John Heinz

After enjoying Art Sphere’s volunteer retreat to John Heinz, I was inspired to organize a small family retreat for myself and a few loved ones. My family and I genuinely enjoyed this time together. For a few hours, we walked, talked, jogged a little and laughed a lot. It’s a great memory and we hope to create many more at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge.


Family Retreat to John Heinz

I was pleased to find that each trip to John Heinz is unique. There is always something new to see! One of my favorite spots at John Heinz would be the view from the observation deck. It gives you a breathtaking look at the fresh water, tidal marsh. Add this to your bucket list. It’s truly awe inspiring.


View from Observation Deck

Being amongst nature allows you to participate in activities you may easily take for granted. Take part in the conversation you were too busy to have during the work week. Meditate and center your mind amongst the quiet. Walk your furry companion without the fear of oncoming traffic. Enjoy your own company or the company of others without interruption or distraction.

Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” As Art Sphere volunteers, we are continuously searching for a better understanding of ourselves, people and the world around us. John Heinz serves as a great tool in this journey. We all look forward to the next volunteer retreat. Perhaps you will join us!

Please visit the Refuge’s website: https://www.fws.gov/heinz/

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