Anyone Can Be an Artist, It All Begins with a Dot!

Your Destination:

Inspired by the Peter Reynolds book, “The Dot,” create a dot masterpiece by gluing pre-cut circles in various sizes and colors onto paper. 

On the Path:

STEP #1: Prepare the dots and frames. Using circle hole punches in various sizes, punch holes in colored paper. Offer a variety of sizes and colors. Using a paper cutter, cut the middle section out of the cardstock, leaving an even, 1-2″ frame on all sides.

STEP #2: Read “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. The takeaway message is that anyone can be an artist. Start with a dot and see where it takes you.

STEP #2: Lay the white paper out as the background. Apply glue stick to the paper dots and place on the white paper as desired. Explain that the dots can be arranged randomly, in a pattern, or even to represent an object.

STEP #3: When finished with the dot masterpiece, sign the artist’s name on the artwork, and tape a frame around the artwork . . . just like Vashti in “The Dot”.

Travel Kit:

  • white paper
  • colored paper in a variety of colors
  • circle hole punches in various sizes
  • glue stick
  • black marker
  • plain or decorative cardstock slightly larger than the white paper
  • masking tape

Group Tour: Art Gallery Showcasing Dot Masterpieces

Hang the framed dot masterpieces on the wall to showcase all the different ways students created artwork using only paper dots.

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