Create a City Art Lesson

Grade Level Rational: This lesson is created for students in preschool, ages 2-4. Students at age are just beginning to learn how to cut paper with scissors. They are also incredibly observant and curious.


Students will be able to identify the components of a city.

Students will be able to cut out paint chips into tall rectangles resembling skyscrapers.

Students will be able to design their own city.

Supply List:

-Paint chips (5/student)


-Colored construction paper

-Glue sticks


First prep all of the material for the students. Precut all of the tree trunks, tree tops, clouds, and cars. Have the students raise their hands to tell you what makes up a city. Draw their answers on the board (this is so they know what their pieces are, and has them connect the dots as to what they’ve seen in cities before. Once the material is prepped, hand out the paint chips for the students to cut. Explain that they are cutting them long ways to make tall buildings. Have images of skylines printed out so that they have some inspiration. Hand out blue construction paper (put their names on the back of the paper ahead of time), half sheets of green construction paper for the sky and the ground, and the precut construction paper for the rest of the components for the city.  Then have the students glue down the clouds at the top of the page, and then just below that, the trunks and the tops of the trees. They instruct the students to glue down the paint chip buildings overlapping the bottoms of the tree trunks. Then instruct the students to glue down the grass, making the bottom of the buildings all on the same plane. They have the students glue down their cars in front of the buildings on the grass. Once everything is glued down, they will have completed their city.


Discard all of the construction paper scraps, and have the students put the caps back on the glue. Collect the glue sticks and their finished projects.

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