Egg Drop Lesson Plan

Project Title: Egg Drop (45 mins)

Description: Students learn the basic science between air resistance, gravity and impact

Author: Olly Liu

Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary-Middle School

Materials: plastic bags, newspaper, eggs, straws, strings, bottles, cardboards, tapes, scissors

Anticipatory Set: Talk about the science behind the egg drop and what makes a good parachute (5min)

Demo/Directions: (Roughly plan amount of time it takes to do each procedure. (5min)

Demonstrate an egg drop design that might work, briefly introduce each steps. (They have flexibility to have their own design)

  1. cut the bottom of the water bottle to make a base for the egg.
  2. use straws to surround the base of the egg, make a little house for the egg
  3. cut up the parachute and tie it to the base to create the parachute.
  4. add other elements like strings and cardboard to make the parachute pretty.

Divide into groups of 3-4. Each group and a set of materials to use to build the parachute. (20mins) If there are more time, they can design a logo on their parachute.

Each group will take turns to drop their eggs to the ground. Winning teams get a reward. (10mins)

Discussion: What do you think are some good designs that prevent the eggs from breaking? How would you use the materials? (5mins)

Instructional Reflection: Which instructional tools or strategies interested or helped these students learn? What additional techniques, tools or materials could be used to better support student learning? What adaptations could be made to this lesson for students with different needs levels or skill sets?

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