Learning Left From Right

I led our preschoolers at Fishtown Recreation Center through a new motion activity this week. For this routine I focused on teaching the kids the directional difference between left and right. Learning left from right is an important concept which preschoolers need to start understanding. Understanding these basic directions helps them figure out the order of numbers, words and general navigation of the world.

All kids need to learn these directions is their own body. Everyone has a natural mid line. Using this as a starting point can help embed a strong understanding of the difference from left and right. I guided them through our usual Simon Says game but the moves were all focused on lifting or shaking their right or left hand and/or foot.

After, I picked a student to stand in front of the class and close their eyes. I played our Singing Bowl next to their ear and asked that student to tell us if it was their right or left side that they heard the ringing. I was able to do this with a few students and kept the class participating by having them give their answers if the student didn’t choose the correct side.

I will reiterate this lesson through out our remaining classes together. There are plenty of games that focus on teaching directions, like the Hokey Pokey. Depending on space and the number of students in the class we could practice walking in a circle going in a specific direction together. There are so many possibilities and opportunities to teach these directions to young kids.

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