John Heinz

This post is long overdue since I volunteered almost two weeks ago, but life happens. I guess I’ll start with my impression of John Heinz. I had never been there before the experience, so everything was foreign to me, especially since it’s so closed off from civilization. That’s not a bad thing. At first, I thought, ‘Oh no! This place must barely have any people and be super creepy’, but there’s this genuine feeling of nature that hugs you. The true spirit came from all the visitors.

MANY families came with friends and children to enjoy nature. By many, it’s inevitable to not see someone, you know. I even saw one of my teachers and his family (awkward!). I never got to see much more than that since I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, so I stayed in my corner and did what I could.

From the station I helped out at, I saw face paint transform the sweetest of kids into tigers and other fierce felines. We were also visited by the world’s most famous web-slinger. People took the liberty to play with our photo booth props, but taking the photos was the afterthought, understandably. They were pretty cool, honestly. Then, there was a coloring table. I always find it funny to watch kids color or do anything because you remember what it’s like not grasping the concept of a line and staying in it. They were creating memories through those activities and learning hopefully.

Overall, the experience was great. I’d go there again and make it my mission to be one with mother nature. Until next time!

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