Introducing Abstract Art with Random Shapes

Level: 3rd-5th Duration: 45 minutes-1 hour Vocabulary: “Curvilinear,” “rectilinear,” “shape”, “design,” “abstraction” Objectives: To practice and illustrate abstraction in art, and experiment with non-representational expression Materials: Paper, pens, coloring materials   Procedures:
  1. Explain how abstract art focuses on experimenting with and examining the most basic fundamentals of design to create unique, thought provoking and sometimes optically entrancing visuals.
  2. Explain how the design fundamentals include shape, line, and color, and how this projects experiments with them in the same way abstract artists do.
  3. Begin by drawing irregular lines and shapes on the paper, making sure never take the pen off the paper. Practice both with with curvilinear and rectilinear lines and shapes.
  4. In the shapes made by the lines crossing over each other, draw designs like dots, other shapes, lines, etc.
  5. Color in the most interesting way you can.