Increasing Social Media Engagement

 “The key to becoming a successful social media user is in the engagement.” 

The recent boom of social media has allowed it to become easier than ever to connect with different people. When you’re running a business or an organization, social media engagement can make or break its success.  

Talk about your topic, not just your brand 

In many new situations when you come into contact with new people, it’s important to talk to them. Obviously creating content and publishing it onto your social feeds is perfect in letting people know what you are about. But, if you don’t have a following, which many new users won’t have, joining groups and creating them will help to get your name out. Stay vocal about what your organization stands for. 

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram posts is a great way to increase engagement. They open up your post to a broader audience, rather than whoever follows your organization’s social media pageBe sure to only put tags that relate to your organization or post. 

Get others to share your content

Whether it be friends or even your personal account, sharing and promoting can go a long way! Something as simple as sharing a post on an Instagram story can get a lot more engagement.  

Host Q&A events

Have your followers be more engaged. Post polls and Q&As so you can interact with your followers, as well as having your followers interact with you/your organization. 

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