Impressionist Mark-making Landscapes

Level: Middle School

Duration: Three 45-minute class periods

Historical Overview: Dutch Impressionism and Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

Goals and Objectives: To introduce ink media

Vocabulary: Landscape, Impressionism, ink, washes, mark-making

Materials: inks, brushes, plastic containers, bamboo tools


Day 1

  1. Anticipatory Set: Show posters and books of Van Gogh ink landscapes.
  2. Slide lecture on history of Impressionism.
  3. Class discussion on artist Vincent Van Gogh.
  4. Review mark-making.
  5. Review vocabulary.
  6. Demonstrate drawing a sketch and basic painting techniques.
  7. Students create preliminary landscape paintings with ink.

Day 2

  1. Demonstrate how to set up a palette of washes of different values.
  2. Students set up palettes.
  3. Students create wash value scales.
  4. Students use washes to paint landscapes.

Day 3

  1. Students develop criteria.
  2. Students pick best painting.
  3. Students critique paintings.

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