How to Write and Perform a Skit or Play

What is a skit/play: 

A skit is a very short play or performance. Plays can be anything from serious to playful, however, skits are usually meant for comedic purposes. Keep in mind that anyone can make a play or skit, and what it is about is completely up to you. Skits and plays are performed live in front of small to large audiences of all different ages. 

How to Develop an Idea: 

When creating a skit or play, the best way to develop an idea is to look at others work. Don’t be scared of doing this, everyone has done it. When creating something artistic getting inspired is the first step to all of this. This is a very important step, this is where you figure out things like characters, storyline, script, the environment, and even the time period. Make sure to write down all of your ideas and if you can sketch out some of your ideas. The most important thing in this list is the script. This is what each character is going to be saying. 

Getting Started: 

Once you’ve created your skit or play, the first thing you’re going to need is actors. They are going to be the people who are going to play your characters, so if you have enough friends or peers, or adults near you, see if they will be willing to play your characters. This step will be the hardest unless it has been organized before you started writing down your ideas. Once you’re done finding the actors, you will need to give them the script. It is their job to learn the script before practicing. You should also collect or make props. Props are items or clothing that your characters can have on stage. For example, a prop could be a toy pirate sword, or a pirate hat if your skit is about pirates. Don’t worry if you can’t get a hold of some props, because you can just make them using your imagination! 

Practice Makes Perfect: 

Practice is the most important thing to do before going on stage. You should gather your group multiple times prior to the actual play. Here is where you practice your lines, your actions, and anything else like effects. This is called rehearsing and is where you should make sure everyone knows the pace they should be going and make sure the scenes are in order, so once everyone is on stage it’s as fluid as possible.  

Street Theatre and Performing: 

A street theatre is just a public outdoor place where you are able to perform. In order to do this, you or an adult should contact a street theatre and find the information needed to move forward with the play. Another option you have is you can record it and post it online. In order to record, you are going to need a few things like a camera, a mic, and some lighting. If this is something you want to do, just make sure you have the equipment. After rehearsing, it’s time to perform. Make sure everyone keeps a level head, it can be scary being on camera or being in front of random people. But don’t worry! If you’ve rehearsed enough, the play should be perfect and there will be nothing to worry about.  

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