How to Research Solutions

What are solutions?

A solution is defined as “an answer to a problem or “an action or process of solving a problem” by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. If an issue is a locked door, a solution is the key to open it. However, an issue may have or require more than one solution. Each solution also varies on how much it affects the issue and how realistic it is. In fact, a solution can bring in more issues than what it resolved.   

Why would people research solutions?

By researching solutions, people can treat or fix the causes of an issue. It is also used to evaluate plans of action and its effectiveness, not to mention that it helps expand our knowledge on the subject. Finding multiple solutions can help us determine what course of action to take when we face an issue and something to work with when the first plan fails.  

Who researches solutions?

People of varying ages and professions try to do research to find solutions. Researchers would be a common image to think of since their profession is doing research into issues and finding ways to resolve themHowever, anyone can do research to solve problems they are faced with.  

How do others use it?

Research is used to expand our knowledge of something. With that knowledge people can make impactful changes in our society. Politicians use the research to find and negotiate policies that can improve their country. Meteorologists can use data to predict the weather and inform others what to wear to protect themselves from nature. Activists have used this research to help fight against key issues.

How can you do it?

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Here is a story about how a strategy and support firm used solution based research to help people.

The advancement of technology has made it easier for people to do basic and preliminary research. The easiest way to find a solution is to type your problem into a search engine and look through different websites to find a suitable solution. Find reliable sources by checking to see what institutions support the website and who the author is. If you want to go old-fashioned, visit a library and talk with a librarian. They will know which books and resources you need to look at to find solutions. You can also go above and beyond by sending questions or interviewing experts in the field. Their contact information can be found online, and they would love to answer questions their research or field. Make sure to write a polite email and to thank them for answering your questions.

Prompt: How will you research solutions? 

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