How Do We Honor Our Heroes Through Art?

After our MLK Art Event, we posed several questions.
A response from each participant listed below.

“What is the purpose of honoring someone with a national holiday like today?
Volunteers wrote:
To ensure that the legacies of heroes like MLK live on forever.
To remember and respect his work.
To give their life meaning.
Honoring someone with a national holiday, like today, can unify our community at our school as well as the community outside of our school.
To give back so other people can be happy.
For all the good MLK Jr. did, we can keep his intentions alive.

What are some of the issues and problems that concern you most in Philadelphia?
Volunteers wrote:
Violence, division, lack of community.
We need to make it safe, clean and accessible.
Violence, no brotherly love.
Hunger, schools, homeless.
In Philadelphia I’m concerned about safety. Many people cannot walk the streets without thinking their lives could be in jeopardy.
Conflict in high schools.
Poverty, violence, cleanliness.
Violence, graffiti.

What are small ways we can indicate a commitment to non-violence on a daily basis?
Volunteers wrote:
Helping those around you.
Just in the way we talk, think, and act. Rather than acting in the moment based on emotion, stop and consider the situation and act rationally.
Thinking about others around you.
Help out and set an example.
Be friendly.
communication, respect everyone we come in contact with.

Why did you decide to volunteer today?
Volunteers wrote:
I really like finding out how I can use art for the benefit of the community.
To spend time with neighbors I don’t usually see and I like painting and colors!
Collaborative art mixed with service – my favorite!
I decided to volunteer today because I thought it’s a great opportunity to not only give back to the community but also to help the Fishtown Recreation Center by “brightening up the spirit of the place.”
Do something fun, to meet the community, and to improve the visual aspect of the community.
To honor Dr. King and all that he achieved.
To do something to help the community grow.

When you think about Dr. King, what are a few things that come to mind?
Volunteers wrote:
Change, courage
Pastor, leader, civil rights
Hero, brave, exceptional, legacy
The speech in the mall
Equality and justice
He had so much courage and confidence.
Peace, love, perseverance, purity, truth, dignity, honor
Community, hope, diversity

How would you answer these questions?

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