Heart Shaped Pandas and Creative Writing Booklets

We did something a little bit different with our older students at Southwark today. Instead of just doing a craft, we wanted to engage their creative writing side a little bit. We handed out pre-folded, handmade booklets and set a timer for 5 minutes. Their goal was to begin a few sentences of a story out of their imagination or something real that had happened and then pass their booklet to the person on their left. The next person would then continue the story and so on. They also drew pictures to go along with their stories. In the end, the stories ended up back with their original writers, and they all had a fun time seeing how their stories ended up.

With our level 2 class, we did a more Valentine’s Day related craft. For this project we made Panda bears out of almost all heart shapes. We had everything pre-cut, so all they had to do was glue the parts down. This group of students is incredibly creative though, so after they completed the Panda, they went all out decorating them. Some gave their bears a more anime look, some added more bamboo and grass, but they all continued to add more features to make it their own. They really enjoyed this project, especially the girls who made their Pandas as cute as possible. It was fun to watch them use their creativity to continue decorating past the “requirements”.