Happy Mardi Gras! Handprint Masks with Kids

Last Tuesday, we brought some good vibes to the classroom with a Mardi Gras project. We told the kids about the giant party down in New Orleans, where people wear crazy colorful costumes and eat amazing food and play music. We set them up to trace their hands and cut them out; when glued together, these make a fun mask. Some of them were struggling to neatly cut the paper around where they traced their fingers. Deydey wanted to give up, but after a little pep talk he admitted it wasn’t actually too hard for him. They were really excited when we handed out colorful popsicle sticks to mount their masks on, but they seemed to enjoy the clean simplicity of it and didn’t want to further decorate it. That was ok though! They had a great time making them, and asked some good questions about Mardi Gras.