Primary Color Popsicle Paintings

Littles – Glavin Rec Center
I got to see the little ones after they had lunch. I had a small group of boys first while the girls had their playtime. The boys are ages 5 and 6 and they are either going into kindergarten or 1st grade. We reviewed what we created on week 1 and discussed color mixing and the color wheel again. I pre-drew 3 popsicle shapes (a long arc with a horizontal line to connect) on white paper. I drew one popsicle shape in orange, one in green, and one in purple. We used marker paint in the primary colors – red, yellow, blue – to create the secondary colors inside the corresponding popsicle shape. i.e. yellow + red marker paint inside the orange popsicle shape, yellow + blue inside the green, red + blue inside the purple. They learned proper painting techniques and remembered to rinse their brush in the water before dipping into a new color. After the boys completed their popsicles, we let them dry on a separate table. I taught the same blending techniques to the girls (ages 3-6).

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