Color Wheel Test

Hi art friends! I am Miss Dayna, the lead art teacher over at Glavin Rec Center. This is my second year with ASI but first year visiting Glavin, so it was nice to get to meet new counselors and kids!

Littles – Glavin Rec Center
I began our first class with the little ones (ages 3-6) by seeing what they knew about color and if they could put their knowledge onto paper via the color wheel. I could tell a few children knew their colors, but getting it in the right order was a bit harder. The kids were asked the fill out the wheel all on their own and try their best. I first saw the girls while the boys had indoor playtime, then they switched and I saw the boys.

Once children finished their first color wheel, we put the materials down and watched a science experiment! I showed the kids how to soak “dead markers” into water to create watercolor paint. I only soaked the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – and we watched carefully what happens when two primary colors mix! (shhh, you get secondary colors!)
Orange – Green – Purple! They loved learning that the color wheel is just the rainbow!

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