Getting To Know The Community

In an effort to better get to know our community and volunteers we have come up with a list of prompt questions. We would love to start conversations about the arts, community interests, and how we can best serve our neighbors. Copy and repost with your own answers on social media and tag us with #loveartsphereinc

Art Sphere Social Media Questions
Please pick questions that speak to our interests or add your own questions and answers.

1. What brought you to your current role at ASI?

2. What do you practice and teach?

3. How has ASI resonated with you?

4. How have the arts improved your life?

5. How do you like to spend your free time?

6. Whats one piece of advice you give most often?

7. How does art help participants look over past negative learning experiences to embrace the present ones?

8. Who has helped you be the leader/teacher you are today?

9. Who from your past has inspired your volunteer service?

10. What is your vision for the future of Art Sphere?

11. How has art helped to be less critical and judgmental of yourself and others?

12. How has Art Sphere provided ways to eliminate tough classroom behaviors, inner city anxiety, prejudice, etc ?

13. How does Art Sphere provide a sense of discovery and excitement for the unexpected?

14. What motivates you to lead, to volunteer, paint murals, teach art and to lead other volunteers?

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