Getting Ready for November with a Tree-Themed Day!




















This week at Fishtown Recreation Center, we continued with our fall theme! Our first activity was making landscapes. We cut ovals for trees, brown strips for the ground, and white paper for the moon out of construction paper for the children to glue onto blue backgrounds. We then showed them how to draw on branches and birds on their colorful trees!

In this activity, the children learned how to incorporate depth into art. We gave each 6 ovals for trees, and many of the children glued the first few trees side by side, and then thought that they couldn’t glue the rest of their trees on because they ran out of space on the paper! We then showed them that they can overlap the trees to make their landscapes look even better and to give it some dimension! In the second picture, the young boy did an especially great job with his artwork, and he was extremely proud of it. It looks amazing!

In our next activity, we made these awesome fall leaves. We gave each child some markers and a paper leaf. In this activity, they learned about colors associated with leaves in the fall, such as yellow, red, green, brown, and orange. We asked them to color in the leaves as much as possible, with many types of colors. Afterward, we had the children spray their colored leaves with water so that the colors would bleed into each other and give off a beautiful effect. I noticed that they really liked that they were able to spray the leaves themselves and see how it caused the colors to merge together like magic! They were so excited to see it all happen.

The children really enjoyed these two projects we did today, and I’m glad that we were able to make the fall season so fun for them!

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