Fun Mixed Media Art Projects Using Fun Materials

Today, I really enjoyed assisting Monica and Niobe at Glavin Recreation Center. We completed lots of fun art projects using really fun materials: glitter, sand, pom-poms, foam, bubble wrap, paint, tempera paint, construction paper, stencils, scissors, markers and glue.

By using the bubble wrap pockets as gloves students stamped the paint into the starfish shapes. The preschool students could be very messy without getting any paint on their hands and had the experience of painting and printmaking simultaneously! the art they produced was exciting and the process for the students was very sensory stimulating. Some of the students were fascinated by all the textures and would have also been content to play with cups of each material on their own and here we were mixing them up!

It takes a great deal of eye hand coordination and concentration on both the holding and moving hand to trace. It opens up worlds to students to have two hands doing very different jobs.