Friday with the Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program

This past Friday, Art Sphere Inc. had the opportunity to partner with the Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program at one of their events. The event was a back to school theme with several different stations set up to educate children and parents about important topics. Among the discussions available were nutrition, pedestrian safety, fitness, early development, and sleep cycles. Art Sphere presented the art discussion station and a project for the children to do.

I was very delighted to participate in the event. We had the chance to present to parents and children the importance of art in our lives, especially childhood development. So much of the way children begin to understand and interact with the world they see around them is through art. Understanding the patterns and shapes, and colors that comprise the world presented to them is vital for their understanding of how it works. Getting to express this through art is one of the most important ways of understanding themselves as well.

I got to speak at length with some of the parents. In particular, one was very receptive and told me that he had never thought about art that way before and would make an effort to promote it in their child. I felt very grateful to have been able to help promote the value of art and to be able to assist people in seeing art in a new way.

I look forward to any future partnerships and events we might be able to do together and that I might be able to participate in.

ASI Alex @ MM Family Home Visit Program

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