Create a Paper Bag Owl Lesson Plan

Title/ Description: Paper bag Owls

 Level: grades 4-7

Duration: One, 45 min. class periods

Goals and Objectives: To learn about what makes owls unique from other birds based on their habitats, appearance, and survival skills. To investigate the purpose owls serve in our environment.


Carnivores: An animal that has a diet consisting of meat.

Nocturnal: An animal that is mostly active during the night.

Parliament: A group of owls

Owlet: A baby owl


  • A brown paper bag
  • Construction paper (black, brown, yellow, orange, white and beige)
  • Markers
  • Cotton


  1. Stuff the paper bag halfway with cotton.
  2. At the open ends of the paper bag and fold each corner into the center.
  3. Then vertically fold over to get an upside-down triangle.
  4. Cut out a large circle with black construction paper.
  5. Then cut out a medium circle that fits in the large circle with white construction paper.
  6. Next cut out a small circle with black construction paper to fit in the white circle.
  7. Glue them where the eye should be and in size order; repeat for the other eye.
  8. Cut out an oval shape using white or beige paper.
  9. Use a marker to create patterns on the oval; attach it where the belly should be.
  10. Cut out a small triangle to be its beak using yellow or orange paper; attach it in the center between the eyes.
  11. Cut the brown construction paper in half.
  12. Then fold it vertically until you’re left with a thin rectangle.
  13. Open it and attach one side to the paper bag; this will be the wing; repeat for the other wing.

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