Free Lesson Plan: Field of Flowers from Hervé Tullet’s Art Workshops for Children

Grade Level Rational: This lesson is specific for preschool and kindergarten students to embrace their imagination, and energetic minds. Hervé Tullet focuses on projects to help young creative students bloom and express themselves. By incorporating music, and the idea of every student putting their hand in the work, the lesson becomes more dynamic and appropriate for students living and learning in a close community.


-Students will be able to follow the directions outlined in Hervé Tullet’s book Art Workshops for Children.

-Students will be able to work together to create a large work of art.

-Students will be able to use the Kwik Stiks and other materials appropriately.

-Students will be able to make marks based on the music they are listening to in class (how they are feeling when they hear it).

-Students will be able to trace their hands and cut it out.

Supply List:

-Kwik Stiks

-Long white rolled paper (at least 3 feet long)

-Tape (to hold in place the paper to either the table or floor)

-Blue construction paper (1 piece/student)

-Scissors (1/student)

-Music (to add another layer to the project)


First have students trace and cut out their hands on blue construction paper. Write their name on the front of the hand. Then prep the classroom by rolling out the white paper and taping it down to either the table or the floor. Remove chairs from around the table to students can access the paper at all points. Hand out the Kwik Stiks, which are a no mess paint stick best for young students. Explain to the students how the Kwik Stiks work like a glue stick, and to not roll it all the way up. Once the students understand, start reading Hervé Tullet’s Art Workshops for Children, A Field of Flowers. With each instruction, walk around the room and make sure the students are listening to the directions. Encourage the students to move around the table, and to cover the entire paper. Encourage the students to paint how the music makes them feel (if happy, maybe they use big yellow lines for circles, if sad, maybe use thin blue lines for circles). Once the entire page is filled with dots, circles, and flowers, glue down their hands with their names on the top. Their hands show that every student had a hand in their Field of Flowers.


Encourage the students to collect the Kwik Stiks, and place them back in the box. Take the Field of Flowers and hang it up in the room, and throw away the tape that was holding the paper down. Put the chairs and tables back where they belong.