Frankenstein and Bats

Teaching at Penn Treaty for the first time was quite interesting for me because I didn’t know what to expect since the students were a little older than the ones at Southwark, but it actually turned great because they were so eager and engaged with the activities. Kristen & I divided the students into groups with one section being for drawing Halloween characters while the others painted spider webs on paper. As I was showing the students how to draw, I noticed that some of them grasped the concept pretty quickly while some did struggle a bit. Kristen & I had them draw the other half of Frankenstein on their paper. For the next class, I’m going to show them my childhood drawings and give them my backstory to give them confidence in their abilities and encouragement to pursue their dreams. The kids Towey were definitely excited about their Halloween party because they worked so fast making bats & drawing Frankenstein. As they were making bats, Kristen took the opportunity to teach them the meaning of the word symmetrical.

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