Folding Creative Creatures

This week at the Fishtown Recreation Center and Towey we made different creatures and used folded construction paper to give each one a surprise. The pieces of paper were folding inwards leaving a tab on the top and bottom. The tap would be the face of the creature. Then when the paper was opened there could be a totally different image. 

We showed the kids examples and helped them practice a few. Then we gave out the folded construction paper and the kids got to making their creatures. They used markers and crayons to draw and paint to decorate. The kids really loved the idea of the hidden image being revealed. The project really forced them to think creatively and visualize how the finished image would look.  

With extra time in the classes, we did a journal entry in the books that we gave to the students at Towey. Each class we give them a prompt and encourage them to write and draw in their notebooks. We also did some free painting at the end of the class since the kids were so engaged in painting this week. One of the girls made me this picture: 


I thought this was so sweet! They really are a great group of kids and I absolutely love making art with them each week.