Fishtown Sock Puppets Come to Life!

Title: Sock Puppets!

Grade Level: Preschool

Description: Drawing

Materials: Markers, socks, google eyes

Demo Directions: Kids decorate sock any way, teachers glue on the eyes.  

Instructor Reflection:

Today at Fishtown was the last art class and music class so the kids were bound to have an exciting day ahead of them! They had there music lesson first where they were able to get up and dance to music. Throughout the classes they were taught many songs, some songs they already knew and others they did not. The most recent one the kids seemed to really enjoy was the tooty-ta. Which is a catchy jingle with a funny dance they all participated in!

After music class, we had art class. We made the day a light and easy one with having the kids color sock puppets and take some surveys. During the surveys we asked kids what they learned in both music and art class, what inspired them, and also what they liked the most. And of course we saved the best for last, we had the art show! The kids got to showcase all the work they made over the course of their classes with Art Sphere. This was an important part for the end of the school year, having kids show off all their work is a great way to boost confidence and to encourage them to be creative in whatever ways they feel the need to.

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