Fishtown Recreation Project List

Fishtown Minnow Program Fall 2015

Ceramics Class Times: Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00

(Please show up at 9:30 to discuss the day’s plans, work methods, and complete possible prep)

Director – Donna Franklin

Art Teacher: Claire Harte

Each class will center on Ceramics. Projects will be fired two at a time and painted two at a time in order to save time and classes. Working with clay helps tune fine motor skills and is a medium that is less intimidating than drawing since kids have the option to start from scratch if they mess up.

Theme: Art and Food

  • October 1st – Food Color Wheel: Kids will learn about primary and secondary colors while finding corresponding food to match each color on the color wheel.
  • October 8th – Plate Decorating: In honor of Chefs from the art institute coming out to support Art Sphere, This class will focus around the art of presentation and plate decorating. Students will make paper chef hats and “plate” a dish with a main course, 2 sides and a dessert all made out of art materials.
  • October 15th – Monster Mouth Candy Dish: Kids will create scary Monster Mouth candy dishes out of molding magic to introduce the idea of working with clay.
  • October 22nd – Making a Clay Mug and Painting the Candy Dish: Kids will make clay mugs using the pinch pot technique. With the time remaining they will paint their candy dishes from the previous week.
  • October 29th – Place Setting and Making a Clay Pizza: Kids will learn about the art of place setting by creating their own place mats. With the time remaining they will create a clay pizza for their place setting.
  • November 5th – Painting/Glazing Clay Mugs and Clay Pizza: Students will receive their clay mug and pizza back, after having been fired. They will paint their pieces and learn about glazing in terms of ceramics.
  • November 12th – Clay Pumpkin: Students will create a clay pumpkin with a top and bottom. They will learn about pieces fitting together to help develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • November 19th – Thanksgiving Clay Cornucopia and Flat Candy Cane Ornaments: Students will learn about the cornucopia and it being recognized as the “horn of plenty” throughout history. They will also make a small slab candy cane as prep work for a later lesson.
  • December 3rd – Painting/ Glazing Clay Cornucopia and Pumpkins: Students will receive their pumpkin, cornucopia and candy cane back to paint or glaze.
  • December 10th – Snow Globe and Finishing Candy Cane Ornaments: Students receive completed glazed projects and complete the candy cane slab project by making it into an ornament. With the remaining time students will watch a 5 minute science experiment called “Snow storm in a jar” and afterwards create their own snow globes.

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