Barkin’ Puppies

Project Title: Paper Bag Puppies

Description: Students made paper bag puppies using paper bags

Author: Liza

Grade level or Targeted Age Range:  Preschool to Kindergarten

Historical Art Examples or References: N/A

Vocabulary: Survive, circle, oval

Materials: paper bag, glue, construction paper, google eyes,  three pom poms, scissors

Anticipatory Set: Discuss what puppies need to survive


  1. Give all children a paper bag puppet that is already prepped with google eyes and three pompoms as a nose. Plus all the pieces of construction paper to make the  puppy.
  2. Teachers then instruct students to glue each part of the puppies body separately. They will do this by describing the shape, color, and telling the body part. The teachers will put the glue down for the students as the students place the correct piece of construction paper on the puppy.
  3. These parts are ears, hands, feet,spot between nose. and belly.

Discussion: What do puppies eat? What do they need to survive? What shape is this?

Reflection: I think the children should have done the gluing to see if they comprehended the shape matching the body part.