Fishtown Recreation Center Week #1

Today was my first time assistant teaching a class of only 4 year olds! The experience was very different from the previous classes that I’ve taught with Art Sphere, but I loved it! All of the children were very sweet and it was amazing to see how involved and excited they were about making art.

We started off with an activity that was aimed to help the children learn their own names. We wrote their names on bookmarks, and asked them to go find the bookmark with their name on it. Then, we had them trace over the letters with a marker.

We then moved on to an activity that helped the children identify and trace straight lines. We gave  the children yellow construction paper that with multiple lines folded on them, and the children were told to trace where the folds were. Then, the papers were folded into leaves and displayed on the board.

Our last art activity was coloring in foxes made from paper plates. The children learned which parts of a fox should be colored and which parts remain white, and how to add detail to a drawing of a fox. Afterwards, we took a group picture of their finished products. Everyone proudly presented their awesome foxes for the picture!

We then did some fun yoga exercises and read a story called “Caps for Sale,” which the children really enjoyed and were very engaged in. I had a great first day at Fishtown Recreation Center, and I can’t wait for the upcoming visits!

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