Rainbow Fish Plate Craft

Littles – Fishtown Rec Center
Week 2 and Miss Becca and I were ready to see our Fishtown kids again! First, all the children gathered around and I read them “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. Although many of these children heard the story before, everyone sat quietly and was eager to listen. After the story, we discussed what happened to Rainbow Fish and how sharing is important to make friends. Then each student got a pre-made fish that was created out of a paper plate. Each child used crayons to color their plate however they wanted. Next, construction paper circles were passed around and the children were shown how to fold the circle in half and glue one side down onto their fish to create scales. Once everyone filled up their fish with scales, they were given circles made from aluminum foil to represent Rainbow Fish’s special ‘shining scale!’ Every little created their very own Rainbow Fish!

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