“Our Pumpkin Patch”

Project Title: Pumpkin Picture

Description: Students will create a picture with a pumpkin as the focus

Author: Liza

Grade Level: Pre-school

Vocabulary: circle, triangle, oval

Materials: Glue, construction paper, scissors, and crayons

Anticipatory Set: What holiday is coming up?

1. Pre-cut a yellow circle with a diameter of 4 inches. An orange oval 8×5 inches (shape of a pumpkin). A strip of green paper 1.5 inches wide to go across the bottom of the page. One sheet of blue or purple paper. Give each student these pieces of material.

2. Draw two triangles where the eyes would be on the orange oval.

3. Draw an upside down triangle where the nose would go on the orange oval.

4. Make a half circle as a mouth on the orange oval.

5. Draw two circles as the eyes on the yellow circle.

6. Draw a circle as the mouth on the yellow circle.

7. Glue the pumpkin on the page.

8. Glue the yellow circle (the moon) towards the top of the page.

9. Glue the green strip (the grass) on the bottom of the pages.

10. Draw some vertical lines as the grass on the green strip.

Discussion: The children struggled with the understanding of the shapes. I would like to continue to teach them shapes since they lack understanding.

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