The perfect picture a cat, a moon, and a pumpkin!

Project Title:  Cat Picture

Description: A picture with a cat, moon, and pumpkin

Author: Liza

Grade Level or Target Age Range: Preschool to early elementary

Historical Art Examples or References: N/A

Vocabulary: Moon, triangle, W, circle, half-circle, whiskers

Materials: scissors, glue, construction paper, pastels

Anticipatory set: What holiday is coming up?


  1. Cut all the pieces out. A symmetric cat (fold paper in half and cut), cut out pumpkin, cut out pumpkin stem, cut out moon.
  2. Give all parts plus a piece of purple or blue construction paper
  3. Demonstrate on cat where to draw two circles as eyes
  4. Demonstrate where to draw a triangle as the nose
  5. Demonstrate where to draw a “W” as a mouth
  6. Demonstrate where to draw a leash
  7. Demonstrate where to draw a half-circle as the tag on the leash
  8. Instruct them to continue coloring cat as they wish
  9. Glue cat towards the bottom of the page
  10. Glue pumpkin next to it
  11. Glue moon on the top of the page

Who remembers what symmetry means? This cat is symmetrical. We also discussed the cat being like a silhouette.

Instructional Reflection:

It is great having an extra cat to demonstrate for the students where to place the shapes. I think it was a big help.