First Initial Collages and Puppets at Shissler Rec!

On our second day, we gave each students a book to draw and write in about what they learn during our semester at Shissler Rec. We decided to decorate these covers with collages of their first initials! Before we started our collages, we read through an alphabet book together. Then, each group of students was given scraps of construction paper and glue sticks to decorate the cover of their books. Here’s what the finished products looked like! After we were done with our collages, students colored on and played with pre-made paper bag puppets! We’d like to give a huge thank you to the volunteers who helped put these together over the summer; the kids had a lot of fun!   Project Title: First Initial Collages Description: Students will make collages with construction paper and glue of their first initials. Author: Molly Foster Grade level or Target Age Range: Preschool – Elementary Level Historical Art Examples or References: Examples of collages made by artists through time, and the use of different materials in collages (images, newspapers, mosaics, etc) Vocabulary: Collage, mosaic, color, pattern Materials: Construction paper, glue or glue sticks, pencils, scissors (optional) Demo/Directions: 1. Prepare white or colored construction paper so that each student has one piece with their initial on it. Rip or cut scraps of construction paper into pieces. (Depending on age, students can complete this step themselves. 2. Brief discussion on collages, how they are made, and if any of the students have made one before. 3. Next, students can start to assemble their collages. Using one scarp at a time, have them apply glue to the back and then stick it inside their initial. Repeat until initial is full!

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