Finishing the Junior Duck Stamps

For our final week of this semester at Southwark, we finished up the duck drawings the students began last week. Most of them had the primary outline and sketching done by the end of last weeks class, so they focused on the coloring and details this week.

The class learned the words habitat, drake, wetlands, marsh, and waterfowl last week. These are all terms that relate to Philadelphia’s John Heinz Refuge where the duck pictures will be turned into. While the students were working, we played a trivia game asking about these terms and other things we talked about last week. We also brought in candy as a prize if they got the question right. Our younger class had a really fun time with this and the trivia game about ducks turned into trivia about science and STEAM related topics. I learned a lot from this. This class was so excited to learn and to try to answer questions, even if they didn’t know. They were also giving me questions to ask the class when I ran out of trivia ideas. I love watching how much they enjoy learning and being able to show off their knowledge.

The ducks turned out amazing. We have some talented artists in both our classes, and they have a very strong chance of winning in this national competition. Each duck was completely different and showed off their different art styles. We had students draw in cartoon style, anime, and realistic. They paid a lot of attention to the details of the feathers and the shape of the duck. Pictures were also required to have a colored in background, so the students also noted this and created fully colored and creative backgrounds to go along with their ducks. Through this activity, we were able to see which students were interested in sketching and drawing and how talented each student was in their own way.

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