After School Ceramics Curriculum

ASI Art Curriculum for Towey Recreation Center

Fall Semester, Mondays 3-5pm – This sample ceramics curriculum is for elementary – middle school age students with beginning to intermediate clay experience. 

Week 1 – Hand  (hand traced on thick slab then details are carved like finger nails and knuckles) holding  butterfly sculpture (sculpt butterfly with simple triangle shapes and coil body and legs)

Week 2-  Leaf imprinted plates (after leaves are rolled onto clay, cut along the edged  and leaves removed, slabs are rested inside plastic containers to give natural curl and protect plates as they dry), Coil -slab snowflakes

Week 3 – Pendants, key chains and beads (put beads and smaller pieces on to plates from week before with a small piece of newspaper to keep together so each piece does not have to be initialed)

Week 4- Pinch pot rocks and animals,  Roses (5 pinched balls of clay form petals), Bats, Masks (Slabs Cut using paper mask models)

Week 5- Acorn and heart rattles (or Halloween pumpkin) – (2 pinch pots and beads kept separated with small piece of newspaper)

Week 6 – Stars and Star Santa’s , Gingerbread People (using cookie-cutters, slabs and coil “icing” decorations), Lace wall pockets (Texture/ Pattern -Slabs Cut using paper models)

Week 7- Glaze and Coloring Sheet Card Templates

Week 8- Origami, Doodle Frames and Drawing

Week 9- Firing and Ojos with yarn and popsicle sticks

Week 10 –Unload kiln, Fabric bags (to help safely take home clay projects), string ornaments, beads and necklaces

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