Fall After School Art Curriculum for Middle school and High school age students

ASI art Curriculum for Penn Treaty School

Fall Plans for Wednesdays 3-5 pm for Middle school and High school age students

Week 1 – Day of the Dead – Skulls and skeletons Flower and hearts

Week 2- Floor plans – graph paper and drafting tools

Week 3 – Drafting houses interiors – 1 point perspective

Week 4- Drafting houses -Exteriors 2 and 3 point perspective, dioramas – cardboard, glue, scissors and wallpaper

Week 5- Leaf Rubbing, Printmaking, and Drawing

Week 6 – Friendship bracelets and tassels  with embroidery floss

Week 7- Diamonds – pencil shading gradations highlight and shadow

Week 8- Zentangle Frames and names, quotes poems, coloring and drawing

Week 9- Cartoons, eyes, and keychains

Week 10 -3-D paper snowflakes and cards  – scissors, stapler, tape, yarn, and paper

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