Learn How to Make Animal and Heart-Shaped Cards

(Projects can be Community Service, MLK or Valentine Holiday Related) 
Vocabulary: Symmetry and asymmetry, horizontal versus vertical for the format of the paper

Mouse heart shape project

This construction paper rodent can hold its own small card, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Materials: Glue, scissors, yarn, and pencil, markers, colored pencils or crayons


  1. Discuss symmetry versus asymmetry.  Point out differences with examples around the room.
  2. Show students how to fold a piece of paper and cut both sides simultaneously, creating symmetry.
  3. Fold paper (in some cases kids will need assistance with folding paper).
  4. Draw heart (in some cases students may need you to draw half a heart on their folded paper).
  5. Cut out half heart.
  6. Demonstrate how to use glue, whether using glue sticks or the quick bottles (students may feel inclined to use more than needed, which can be messy).
  7. Use yarn for tail and glue between wide end of folded heart.
  8. Students cut and glue ears, nose, and feet, and other details.  Students can be creative in adding details such as clothing or adding items for the mouse to hold.
  9. Use marker to add details like whiskers (nose is pointed end of folded heart).
  10. On separate paper, make the mousehole and home with realistic habitat features or draw creative features such as a miniature bed, picture frame, cheese, etc.

Opportunity for discussion, learning, and play:

Animated children’s books:

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