Free Lesson Plan: Etching with Scratchboard and Styrofoam

Title/Description: Etching with Scratchboard and Styrofoam

Level: Elementary School

Duration: Two 45-minute class periods

Historical Overview: Picasso

Goals and Objectives: To introduce etching and printmaking techniques with scratchboard paper and Styrofoam

Vocabulary: Etching, printmaking

Materials: Black and white scratchboard, textured scratchboard, rainbow scratchboard, positive and negative space, stylus, oil pastels, paper, ink, roller, tape


Day 1

  1. Anticipatory Set: Show examples of etchings, scratchboard images, and books of images of different types of etchings.
  2. Demonstrate drawing in reverse with stylus.
  3. Have students sketch images before working, emphasizing that they can’t erase.
  4. Review vocabulary.
  5. Have students choose type of scratchboard appropriate for their drawing.
  6. Transfer image with tracing paper.

Day 2

  1. Demonstrate printmaking process.
  2. Have students draw into foam.
  3. Students ink foam and use roller on ink onto foam.
  4. Place a piece of paper on top.
  5. Use tape on table to register paper to create even white border.
  6. Rub back of white paper so ink transfers from foam. Additional tape under foam can be helpful to keep board in place. Remember words and shapes will appear in reverse when printing.

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