Egyptian Pharaohs Head Dresses And Neck Pieces

Students looked at images of Egyptian Pharaohs from hieroglyph to gold mummy caskets to granite scupturles. Students created head dresses and necklaces out of yellow construction paper.Students learned about gold lapse and other gemstones found in Africa. The incredible fine art work that was created there before many other civilizations were in exsistence . Students used Popsicle sticks,glue, and construction paper to make raths and sail boats like the Pharaohs used to sail down the Nile.There were more African ruling queens than any other civilization on the planet.Many of our students were unfamiliar with African history some students questioned weather Pharaohs were real or make believe most could not identify were the Nile river was or other important geography.Teaching African art to a primarily African population opened and unconsidered world for them.


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