Egg Race (Autism Friendly)

Egg Race 

Objective: This is a great game that is not only fun but also increases body awareness, balance, and hand-eye coordination. 


  • Blanket/ Yarn/ Scarves/ Rope  
  • Spoon 
  • Plastic Egg/Ball/Real Egg 
  • Stopwatch 

Step 1: Using the blankets, create a “race track” on the floor.  

Step 2: Place a plastic egg (or, if you are so daring, a real egg) or a ball on the end of a spoon.  

Step 3: Using the stopwatch feature on a phone, see who can move the fastest without dropping the object on the spoon. 

Senses Engaged 

  • Touch  
  • Balance  
  • Body Awareness 
  • Sight  
  • Sound  


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